The Penis Enlargement Bible Review

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Welcome to my review of the Penis Enlargement Bible, otherwise known to some as the PE Bible. While I am a fan of this product, I also want to be pretty transparent. I have used it and love the results… but it is not for everyone.

This is just my review, order from the official site:

What is the PE Bible?

If you haven’t heard – there is a new product out there that can show any guy how to grow his penis by 2-4″ without any pills, surgery, crazy contraptions or other gimmicks.

This is a 100% safe, totally natural way to stimulate the body to grow the penis larger.

It’s called the Penis Enlargement Bible and it is a 94page book that will show how a few key nutrients, combined with some simple yet effective stretching exercises will combine to grow the penis by up to 4″ (sometimes more depending on how long they follow the instructions).

Watch this video to find out more about the PE Bible.

How to know if you are a good fit for the PE Bible?

If you are man who has always wondered what it would be like to have a few more inches down there during intimacy, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Some of my favorite features of The PE Bible

My favorite part about the Penis Enlargement Bible is how easy and effective it is to actually see results. I was a bit intimidated at first that there would be a bunch of complicated instructions or stretches that were either going to be awkward or difficult. They were neither complicated or awkward.

I also liked the results (well duh!). I only grew about 2″ which is great for me as I was already a little bit above average… now I am considered ‘large’…. at least according to my girlfriend. And speaking of my girlfriend… let’s just say she is just as happy with the results as I am. I would just use caution as not all women like men with larger penises, in fact someone complain that they make intercourse uncomfortable… so be smart about it.

How to use The PE bible and get the most out of it.

OK listen up. This part is easy.

Follow the instructions laid out buy John Collins in the PE Bible and you will see results.

It is that easy.

What I like about the PE Bible

As you can tell, I like a lot of things about the PE Bible. The best part is both the results and the ease of use to get those results.

What I don’t like about PE Bible

If I had to pick something I don’t like it would either be that the results are permanent (not sure why this is bad, unless of course I got to large for my girlfriend to enjoy), or the fact that this whole market is filled with scams and snake oil salesmen… making real legit offers like this one hard to believe.

Some common frequently asked questions about The PE Bible

Is it easy to use?

Are the results permanent?

Is there a guarantee?

My final thoughts and recommendation about The PE Bible.

Well you stuck with me this far, so I owe you my honest recommendation. Obviously I am a giant fan of this product and give it my highest recommendation.

Order your own copy of The Penis Enlargement Bible here:

My Review Of Kinetic Attraction – Can It Live Up To The Claims?

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Welcome dear readers to my Kinetic Attraction review. So first off, what the heck is this thing called Kinetic Attraction? According to Adam Lyon’s it is a principle that allows body language to start the momentum during an interaction, which as long as you follow some simple steps to continue the attraction will result in you having your choice of women.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, to me at least.. so I took the plunge and grabbed a copy to check it out for myself. It turns out this program is incredible.

Watch this Kinetic Attraction video for more information:

kinetic attracton video

Yes, I was very skeptical at first, but I had heard so many good things about Adam Lyons and his training methods that I decided that I would check it out (for only $69 – not sure how much it is now), and if I didn’t love it I would just ask for their no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee refund.

kinetic attractionLuckily, I didn’t need to use that as I am super happy with what I was given in terms of content and actionable things that I can apply to my interactions with women.

As much as I was sure this program would disappoint me on some level, I am now convinced that the Kinetic Attraction system is probably the best training on women and dating that I have ever used… and I’ve tried a lot of them.

What is so unique about Adam’s Kinetic Attraction principles is he not only tells you what to do, but he backs it up with scientific evidence as to why it is so effective. Then after telling you what and why, he literally demonstrates all of the techniques on his hot girlfriends.

And you can’t fake their reactions. They literally are melting in front of him from his techniques. It is all based upon biological principles of attraction that women are subconsciously programmed to find desirable.

order kinetic attraction

It is in our genes to find the methods he teaches attractive, even if the women don’t understand why they are attracted, they are and this leads to the next great part of his method.

This unexplained kinetic attraction drives them crazy and they have to find out what it is about you that they can’t resist.

And this makes them approach you.

Don’t worry though if you are shy, or introverted.

They will ask you a simple question which is your green light to proceed with the method.

How you answer any one of these simple questions is the key to success and Adam covers every scenario. Have I told you this training program is packed with content. He covers it all.

Oh ya, and the best part – which may or may not be obvious… because they are the ones approaching you, there is zero risk of rejection.

Answer their innocent question the right way, and she will be locked in, allowing you to decide how you want to proceed.

You want to stay and hang out with her? Great, she is super excited to be around you.

Want to take her home for some no strings attached fun? She is going to be down.

Want to stick around and maybe find another girl and bring them both home? Adam shows the easiest and most effective way to do that.

Yes the Kinetic Attraction method will do that for you.

I get it… it sounds to good to be true…

Trust me, I felt the same way until I watched the videos and headed out to my favorite watering hole.

It was like his techniques were hard-wired into my subconscious. I wasn’t really trying anything, or acting… it was just who I was.

And the women loved it.

I didn’t leave with two girls that night, although I think I could have.

I had two pretty hot girls vying for my attention, and decided to just take one of them home with me.

I don’t kiss and tell, but we had a great time and I plan on seeing her again soon, but right now, I have so many options I am not sure how much I want to invest in her at the moment. We will see, she really is pretty hot.

OK, enough about me.. it’s time for you to get started.

Time to take action and order Kinetic Attraction from the official site below.

Click here to start you training today:

order kinetic attraction

How Erect on Demand Can Help With ED

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If you are one of the millions of men quietly dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, I want you to take a moment and watch this short video. In this video, Bill will share how Erect on Demand can help reduce the causes and symptoms of ED with all natural ingredients:

Erect on Demand

So if you are suffering from any form of ED, you may want to give this a try before going with some of the other solutions that are being broadcast all over TV and radio.

Wanna know what else really helps with ED?  Having a large penis!  You can get a larger than average penis if you use the Penis Enlargement Bible.

Use Unlock Her Legs To Finally Escape The Friend Zone

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Are you stuck in the friend zone with that woman you desire? Are you tired of her thinking that you are just a friend and not seeing you as the attractive catch that you are? Then be sure to both listen to this interview with Bobby Rio and also watch the video review of Unlock Her Legs.

Both are below.

Unlock Her Legs Interview:

Unlock Her Legs:

Want learn more? Check out the channel and subscribe for updates.

Low Testosterone Has More Effects Than You Think

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Generally speaking most men understand that a lowered testosterone level often leads to a lowered sex drive, however there are many other side effects caused by the drop of testosterone. While its true your sex drive may lower there are also risks that pertain to mood change, physical change, and a disturbance in sleep pattern. The loss of testosterone does not always point to a medical problem, in fact age is a main contributor to lowered testosterone levels and its completely normal. According to studies done by the Mayo Clinic after the age of thirty a man’s testosterone level dips 1% annually, and the ADA (American Diabetes Association) reported upwards of thirteen million men have lowered levels of testosterone.

The reason behind these drastic changes when a man’s testosterone level dips relatively low highlights the true importance of the hormone throughout a man’s life. Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of a man’s voice through puberty, the growth of muscle mass, and the appearance of pubic hair. In short testosterone is the driving factor that jump starts puberty and continues to drive sexual desires and the building of muscle mass throughout a man’s life. The production of sperm also falls under the umbrella of responsibilities that belongs to testosterone which is why a massive drop in testosterone can cause infertility.

Loss in sex drive is one of the most common know side effects, but according to a study done by the ADA 70% of men with low testosterone also experience ED (Erectile Dysfunction). While this has not been directly caused by the drop in the hormone it is relatively common and many men experience the loss of random erections like during sleep.

spartagen-xt-can-helpWhile the loss of a sexual appetite is a stressful side effect the hidden physical effects of low testosterone effect men without them realizing it, and they are often more dangerous if not realized. Lowered bone density is directly related to lowered levels of testosterone which means the chances of breaking or fracturing a bone are much higher in men suffering from depleting testosterone. This can also lead to osteoporosis. A second high risk physical effect is an increase in body fat which is usually centered around the mid-section and belly. Buildup in this area increases the chance of type two diabetes as well as certain cancers and heart disease.

One thing that will increase testosterone is a healthy sex life.  One way to have a super amazing sex life is to be proud of the size of your penis.  To get a large penis that you are proud of, check out my review of the PE Bible.

Lowered testosterone levels take a toll in a man’s mental health too, and these symptoms can affect day to day activities and relationships. Since testosterone is a hormone and a continued loss affects hormone balance a change in mood is pretty common in most cases. The inability to concentrate is often a side effect which in turn makes a man more irritable and can possibly lead to depression. Some people have even reported problems with self-confidence, lowered motivation, and an overall decreased sense of happiness and well being.

The added stress of an irregular sleep pattern may heighten the mood changes as the decrease in energy levels often attributed to lowered testosterone can alter a man’s normal sleep schedule. There have also been occurrences of insomnia in some men.

All of these symptoms, while normal, heavily affect a man’s daily life and cannot be controlled without the help of a doctor. Thankfully there a variety of ways to treat lowered testosterone like injections, patches, gels, tablets placed between the upper lip and gums that get absorbed through the blood stream and a new product called Spartagen XT from EdgeBioactives. If you’re feeling any of the symptoms make sure you get diagnosed first as these symptoms can be attributed to other types of health or mental problems.


You Asked, Does The Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box System Really Work?

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So I’ve been getting a lot of emails from readers asking about Pandora’s Box from Vin Dicarlo. Enough emails where I actually had to reach out to Vin and his crew and get a copy so I could review it for you guys.

I saw a few reviews of it on youtube which are definitely worth watching:

But I decided to watch the whole program and found it to be very valuable. I know can quickly and easily identify which type of personality type a woman is within a few minutes of meeting her. This has dramatically changed the way I talk to, flirt with and generally interact with the women I meet.

Now I never really had that much problem meeting and attracting women, but NOW it has gotten almost unbelievable in terms of the amount of high quality women I have in my life. What I didn’t realize is there are actually many different types of women, well 8 types in fact. Note: this article shows only six types, so you decide which one you believe.

I literally can go out, find an attractive women, walk up and start talking to her, and within a few minutes know the type of woman that she is and can tailor our interaction in a way that I know will generate her interest.

So yes, Pandoras Box worked for me, and I think it will work for you.

Grab your copy here.

Check it out, and email me how it works for you.

Still not convinced? You can get a second opinion here: vin dicarlo pandoras box system Source:

Christian Hudson And The Importance Of A Stylish Look

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Underestimating the importance of a stylish look is a fatal flaw that too many men make without even realizing it.

Woman In Stylish ShirtWhile a guy doesn’t have to be a fashionista, he does have to dress in a way that plays up his best features and downplays his negative ones. If he is too lazy to do this, a girl will dismiss him almost instantly, even if he is in other aspects the perfect guy for him.

First impressions do count. Wearing the wrong size or sloppy, wrinkled, stained clothes are broadcasting that you don’t give a crap about yourself. Not the impression you want to send to that cute girl.

Women notice what a guy is wearing. They notice and they form impressions. You need to be fashionable. Period. Too many guys just don’t get that. They think they will win her over with their sexiness or wit or intelligence. Not usually.

So, if you want to be successful with the ladies, you better dress the part.

Here’s What Christian Hudson Had To Say About This

On a budget? No worries. You can still do it. It’s about quality over quantity.

Learn more about Christian Hudson and the girlfriend activation system:

Here is the game plan, which I learned from Christian Hudson from the Social Man. You can also find Christian Hudson On Linked In Here.

First, go through every item of clothing you own. Throw away (or donate) anything you haven’t worn in a year (unless it’s a tux). Throw away everything that no longer fits. Or donate it if it’s in good shape. Throw away everything that is ripped, missing a button, falling apart, stained, etc. If it is something special that you love, say your favorite dress shirt that is missing a button, then go get it fixed immediately.

Now, try on what is left. Be brutally critical at what you see in the mirror. If it doesn’t make you look great — not good — GREAT, then toss it.

If you end up with nothing but your skivvies, then we’ll deal with that. But first be as honest as you can. Think of it this way: When you look in the mirror, do you say, “YES!” and growl like a tiger? If not, toss. If you say, “Well, it doesn’t fit that great, but matches my brown pants” — Toss.

Note: These are your going out clothes. Keep a bare basic work wardrobe separate. Unless you are lucky enough to wear whatever you want to work, then that’s different.

So, look carefully at what remains of your clothing. Examine why you like the items you kept. Was it the color green on that shirt that makes your eyes pop? Was it the fit of those jeans that make you look ten pounds less? Was it that cool tee shirt that accents your abs?

Then only wear those items when you go out.

If you find you have nothing. Then that calls for radical plan B.

Plan B involves going to a fashionable store and investing in the bare basics wardrobe that I will recommend here. It must be a high fashion store because you are going to hit up the salesclerk for honest advice. You want them to tell you which jeans are better on you and which shirt is better and so on. Even if you can’t afford to shop there, you will get an education.

So, those with empty wardrobes need to buy these items only as their bare basics and they can later add to them: Great fitting jeans, dark wash. A black or dark colored button up shirt that fits you like a dream. A black or dark colored tee shirt that flatters your build. A rocking belt. Some timeless, non-trendy but stylish shoes. A leather jacket of very stylish jacket. That’s it. You’re set. Go get ‘em, tiger.

Proven Dating Advice For Guys

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The best dating advice can be summed up as follows: meet women often, be positive and funny, create attraction, close the deal, keep things exciting and do not be a wuss. You need to have some faith because this dating advice has been proven to work. Below, this proven dating advice for guys is expanded upon in greater detail.

Meet women every day.Think about some places that you go all the time: the supermarket, coffee shop, takeout place, gym, etc. Are these all places where you are likely to find women? That is a good start. Since you know these places so well, it should not be difficult to find common topics to talk about.

Be positive in your body language. If you saw a woman walking down the street with her eyes toward the ground, frown on her face and hands in her pockets, would you want to talk to her? Hold your head up and smile more. Women are attracted to that.

The next step is to observe what is happening around you. Maybe you are at the grocery store and the line is really slow. You and the woman behind you make small talk about this and suddenly you are in an actual conversation with her. Talk to every woman that gives you eye contact. The more you give, the more you get.

Close the deal.

You and an attractive woman are having a good conversation. Before you close the deal, you need to create attraction. Start by teasing her. If she has a big purse, say, “Are you carrying a small child in there?” Let her ask all of the questions and have some witty responses ready. Inevitably, she will ask you, “What do you do for work?” Say something funny like, “It’s interesting that you should ask that. I’m an underwear model.”

Do not try to get kisses, dates or sex. Just get her phone number and move on. Make sure that you are the one that closes the conversation. Wait a day or two and call her (if you decide to text her, read this first). Do not let the phone conversation go on too long. Ask how she is doing and quickly make plans for a first date.

Do not pay for everything.

If you make plans for the common first date of dinner and a movie, then you are setting yourself up to fail. You will feel obligated to pay for everything and set up an unconscious expectation from your date. Eventually, she will decide that you are a wuss and become uninterested. Tell her that there is an art show that you have been meaning to check out, ask her to accompany you on your errands or see if she is interested in joining you at a party that your friend is having.

Avoid boring conversation.

When you are on a first date, it is easy to talk about about neutral topics like work history, favorite colors and where you grew up. One of the most boring questions you can ask a girl is, “What do you do for a living?” You can still find out what you want to know by adding a little flair to the conversation. Instead, say, “I’ll bet you’re a teacher.” There is a good chance that she is not a teacher but this approach will definitely engage your date.

(Photo credit: marsmet525)

Always have a few entertaining stories in your back pocket. Maybe you have a story about how your dad accidentally got into someone elses car. Do not just say, “One day, I dropped my dad off at the post office. I was waiting for him to come out when I noticed someone with my same exact car parked right in front of me. Well, my dad came out and got into the wrong car. It was so crazy.” Add excitement to the story. Talk about how you were on vacation, the looks on everyone elses faces, what the driver said to your father and the dressed-up poodle in the driver’s backseat.

Finally, avoid the following topics: religion, politics, the weather, bad past relationships and anything else that is negative. If you follow this dating advice, you will easily get more dates.

Best Ways To Get A Date

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Ultimately, the goal all single men on the prowl have is to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a woman, what is often called a date. (There may be other goals during or after that one-on-one meeting that will be covered in other articles, but let’s just address getting that first date. First things first, right.

Best Ways to Get a Date Step #1

1. Get off your butt. Sitting at home on the couch, eating potato chips and watching cop show reruns is about the furthest thing away from learning how to attract girls, let alone getting a date. Unless you put yourself out there and make some effort, you probably have zero chance of meeting a girl. So, the first step is to get out of the house as often as possible. Here are ways to do that:
* Increase your circle of friends so you have an active social life
* Join a club that allows you to pursue your interests
* Visit places where people like to frequent, such a bookstores, museums, and sports events.
* Join a sports team, such as volleyball. Or if you were not athletic, something such as joining a chess team would work equally as well.

These are just a few ideas to get you out there.

Best Ways to Get a Date Step #2

Cute Girl On Date2. The second step in getting a date is to actually walk up to a girl, what we like to call approaching a girl. So, say you are at the bookstore and see a really interesting girl in the horticulture section. Your next step is going to e approaching her.

Before you approach a girl, you should know a little bit about body language. If she has very closed off body language, you might want to choose another woman to approach.

If you are at a party and you see a woman across the room you are interested in approaching, you can feel out her openness by making eye contact and even smiling at her. If she gives you a dirty look at looks away, steer clear. But if she makes brief eye contact, that make be a good sign. If she gives you a little smile, that is a green light to approach. Don’t’ tarry or you may lose your chance.

Best Ways to Get a Date Step #3

3. Strike up a conversation. Once you get the green light, don’t waste anytime in walking up to her. A lot of guys get caught up in how to be super entertaining at this point, but that isn’t always necessary. Sometimes the most effective approach is a simple hello.

It does help if you have practiced your conversational skills with others so you aren’t completely tongue-tied. But remember, even if you are naturally shy, give it a shot. Many women think that a guy who is a bit shy is cute.

Best Ways to Get a Date Step #4

4. Get her phone number.

I usually like the most direct and simplest approach to do this. I’ve already established the groundwork, by saying (shortly after I’ve approached her) that I can only stick around for a few minutes because my friends and I are leaving.

Then after a few minutes of conversation, I say, “Give me your phone. I’d like to continue this conversation at a later time.”

Put your number in her phone. Test it out by calling your cell and then say goodbye.

Best Ways to Get a Date Step #5

5. Call her about two days later and arrange a meeting.
Voila. Simple.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile

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Listen, It’s no secret. You need to learn how to make a girl smile. Below are 3 great tips that will show you exactly how to make a girl smile.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #2

1. The first way a guy should try to make a girl smile is actually the simplest: Smile at her first. This accomplishes several things. It shows you immediately if she is uptight, closed, and guarded and maybe a witch with a “b” or if she is a nicer, more open, approachable person.

Cute Girl SmilingVery few people can resist responding to a genuine smile. If a woman does resist smiling back, it’s best to back off and try someone else. She might be damaged goods of she might just be having a horrific day and won’t be open to anything you have to say or do anyway.

So, go ahead and give this a shot. It helps weed out the women you should approach and the women you should just leave alone.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #2

2. Be funny. If you show your light-hearted side for a few seconds, that often is enough to make a girl smile. It accomplishes several things. It allows her to get a glimpse of your vulnerable side. It shows that even though you may be projecting an aura of super alpha male, it shows you are sensitive and approachable. It makes you less intimidating and easier to relate to. It also shows you have a fun side to you. There is almost nothing bad about being funny.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #3
3. If you want to make a girl smile, it often helps to know something entertaining, such as a simple magic trick or engaging story. You only need to know one. Practice it and perfect it on everyone you know. Then when you meet a woman, try it out on her. If you have seen that it makes everyone else you’ve tried it on smile, but doesn’t make her crack a smile, too, that might be a way to weed out someone who just won’t be a good fit for you.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #4
4. Making a girl smile often is a result of some well-honed, gentle teasing. Teasing is one of the most important skills a single guy can learn. There is a fine line between mean-spirited teasing and teasing that builds attraction. Take some time right now to learn the difference.

When you tease and flirt, you are accomplishing several important goals at once in the dating arena. You are showing that you are confident. You are letting her know that you don’t place her on a pedestal like other men might do. You are showing that you have a good sense of humor and can poke fun, not only at her, but also at yourself.
It also shows you have a good outlook on life and can see the humor in situations.

In closing, the ability to make a girl smile is going to give you an edge on every other man out there who is striving to capture her attention.