Common Sense Advice for Texting Girls

You went out to the club last night, had successful closings with several attractive girls and now you are wondering when it is okay to start texting girls. If you want to start texting girls that you have met, there are social guidelines that you need to know in order to make progress.

When should you text her?

Whenever possible, you should call her. You got her phone number; the hard part is over. If you text her in lieu of calling her, the probability of actually getting that first date will decrease significantly. You need to continue building good rapport with her. In doing this, you will make her more comfortable when you meet up. This is more difficult to accomplish via text than it is over the phone. Texting also leaves room for misinterpretation. For example, sarcasm is more easily understood on a verbal level.

Girl TextingThere are three situations where it is acceptable to text her. First, if you call her and reach her voice mail, then it is okay to text her. Second, if she texts you first, then you can text her back. Third, you can start the conversation via text message if you tell her that you want to get on the phone with her.

What should you say?

Be witty like a pick up artist; show her that you do not take anything too seriously. Work on establishing banter with her. You will bore her if you ask her, “What’s up?” Remind her of a joke that the two of you shared when you first met. You could also be playful by sending a message like, “Hey, I just saw this old guy with tube socks up to his knees and thought of you.”

To ensure that she responds to your first text, try texting her when you first meet and are in the midst of that first attraction-building stage. She will think this is funny and then your contact information will already be in her phone. This way, she will remember you when you text her later and she will be more apt to answer her phone when you call.

The most critical rule to remember is: Do not text her too often. If she texts you, always wait at least a few minutes before texting her back. If you text her and she does not text you back, wait until the next day before trying to reconnect with her. Remember to keep the conversation light. Finally, do not be too wordy with your text messages.

“Who is this?”

You have sent her that first text. Your phone beeps with her response: “Who is this?” This is not the lighthearted exchange you were hoping for. You can still recover, though. Just be playful. Respond with something silly like, “Well, I got that surgery so I’m down 500 pounds since we met on Saturday.” She will respond with something like, “You’re too funny. I don’t remember meeting any husky guys this weekend.” You can extend the banter by saying, “The doctor tried to remove my third eye but had no success.”

By not taking yourself too seriously, you will make her comfortable. When you start making plans for a date, you can continue the dialogue by saying, “I should be easy to find because I’ll be the only guy there with three eyes.”

If she does not remember you and asks what you look like, do not send her a picture of yourself. Do not describe yourself, either. Why? There is almost a 100% chance that you will never hear from her again. Remain witty and unpredictable. There is no shame in telling her about your imaginary 500 pounds of extra baggage or your third ear. This will hold her interest and increase your probability of landing that first date.

If you do not remember everything you have read here, it is only important to remember a few things when you are texting girls. Never take yourself too seriously, keep the conversation light, establish banter and do not be upset if she does not remember you. Texting girls can lead to lots of dates if you do it right.

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