How A Guy Should Flirt With Girls

You can reap major rewards if you approach women the right way. When you decipher the signals, keep the conversation playful, stay confident and practice flirting with every opportunity that you get, flirting with girls will come naturally to you. 

First, consider the location. Flirting with girls in places other than clubs and bars will catch them off guard because it is unexpected (remember, you can practice flirting with girls on Facebook). At a club, women have their guards up because men have been hitting on them all night. While it is fine to flirt with women at the usual places, there is merit in flirting with girls at the coffee shop or grocery store. Before talking to a woman anywhere, look for signs in body language that tell you she is receptive. Maybe the two of you are exchanging furtive glances or she is playing with her hair. Do not let this phase go on too long, though; she will perceive that as creepy. 

When approaching her, keep the conversation light and playful. Women are turned off by men that make strong advances. Perhaps you are both in the medical supplies aisle and you see her examining the Ace bandages. You could joke about how she could use one as a belt and start a new trend. As the conversation continues, you could introduce kino, or touching. For example, lightly touch her shoulder as you make a point. Kino escalates the conversation to the next level.

Another way to keep the conversation flirtatious is to talk about a breakup before you have gotten acquainted with a woman. You are out to dinner with a friend and ask the waitress for something that you know the restaurant does not serve — for example, tacos at an Italian restaurant. Of course, she responds that they do not have tacos. You then say, “Okay, this is not working out. I need to break up with you.” The goal is to make her laugh.

You can also take the joking a step further and use a sassy introduction. If there is a gorgeous girl at the bar, you could say something like, “Hi. I saw you over here and felt sorry for you because you look shy. I’m sure you never get attention from men so I wanted to come over here and give you some attention.” Obviously, this is meant to be playful because she probably gets plenty of attention from men. She will be more open to talking with you if you keep the conversation light.

The best thing you can do to lower your anxiety is to flirt with girls everywhere. Flirt with every woman that crosses your path, whether or not you are interested. Pick up a new hobby or join an organized sport to meet even more women. Do not think about the outcome when you flirt. The more you think about what you might get, the more you will botch any attempts that you make. Flirt for fun and do this for a while before you attempt to flirt with girls in whom you are truly interested. This will give you a chance to build your confidence.

Once you have mastered this and a woman raises your interest, there are a couple of things to remember. Firstly, do not be submissive. Secondly, do not be predictable. That means that you should never follow a woman around like a puppy dog. Close the conversation, leave for a while and come back later. You should have an air or excitement about you. As I learned, girls do not want men that are just like them; they want someone that has beliefs and opinions of their own. Even if a girl disagrees with you about something, maintain your stance. She will be attracted to that quality.

However you start the conversation, always maintain eye contact and stay confident. Above all, make sure that you close the conversation before the woman gets the chance to do so. This lets you keep your alpha status, a quality that will attract women to you. If you keep it playful, flirting with girls will become a second language to you — putting you on the road to becoming a master pickup artist.

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