Low Testosterone Has More Effects Than You Think

Generally speaking most men understand that a lowered testosterone level often leads to a lowered sex drive, however there are many other side effects caused by the drop of testosterone. While its true your sex drive may lower there are also risks that pertain to mood change, physical change, and a disturbance in sleep pattern. The loss of testosterone does not always point to a medical problem, in fact age is a main contributor to lowered testosterone levels and its completely normal. According to studies done by the Mayo Clinic after the age of thirty a man’s testosterone level dips 1% annually, and the ADA (American Diabetes Association) reported upwards of thirteen million men have lowered levels of testosterone.

The reason behind these drastic changes when a man’s testosterone level dips relatively low highlights the true importance of the hormone throughout a man’s life. Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of a man’s voice through puberty, the growth of muscle mass, and the appearance of pubic hair. In short testosterone is the driving factor that jump starts puberty and continues to drive sexual desires and the building of muscle mass throughout a man’s life. The production of sperm also falls under the umbrella of responsibilities that belongs to testosterone which is why a massive drop in testosterone can cause infertility.

Loss in sex drive is one of the most common know side effects, but according to a study done by the ADA 70% of men with low testosterone also experience ED (Erectile Dysfunction). While this has not been directly caused by the drop in the hormone it is relatively common and many men experience the loss of random erections like during sleep.

spartagen-xt-can-helpWhile the loss of a sexual appetite is a stressful side effect the hidden physical effects of low testosterone effect men without them realizing it, and they are often more dangerous if not realized. Lowered bone density is directly related to lowered levels of testosterone which means the chances of breaking or fracturing a bone are much higher in men suffering from depleting testosterone. This can also lead to osteoporosis. A second high risk physical effect is an increase in body fat which is usually centered around the mid-section and belly. Buildup in this area increases the chance of type two diabetes as well as certain cancers and heart disease.

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Lowered testosterone levels take a toll in a man’s mental health too, and these symptoms can affect day to day activities and relationships. Since testosterone is a hormone and a continued loss affects hormone balance a change in mood is pretty common in most cases. The inability to concentrate is often a side effect which in turn makes a man more irritable and can possibly lead to depression. Some people have even reported problems with self-confidence, lowered motivation, and an overall decreased sense of happiness and well being.

The added stress of an irregular sleep pattern may heighten the mood changes as the decrease in energy levels often attributed to lowered testosterone can alter a man’s normal sleep schedule. There have also been occurrences of insomnia in some men.

All of these symptoms, while normal, heavily affect a man’s daily life and cannot be controlled without the help of a doctor. Thankfully there a variety of ways to treat lowered testosterone like injections, patches, gels, tablets placed between the upper lip and gums that get absorbed through the blood stream and a new product called Spartagen XT from EdgeBioactives. If you’re feeling any of the symptoms make sure you get diagnosed first as these symptoms can be attributed to other types of health or mental problems.

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