What To Do To Make A Girl Smile

Listen, It’s no secret. You need to learn how to make a girl smile. Below are 3 great tips that will show you exactly how to make a girl smile.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #2

1. The first way a guy should try to make a girl smile is actually the simplest: Smile at her first. This accomplishes several things. It shows you immediately if she is uptight, closed, and guarded and maybe a witch with a “b” or if she is a nicer, more open, approachable person.

Cute Girl SmilingVery few people can resist responding to a genuine smile. If a woman does resist smiling back, it’s best to back off and try someone else. She might be damaged goods of she might just be having a horrific day and won’t be open to anything you have to say or do anyway.

So, go ahead and give this a shot. It helps weed out the women you should approach and the women you should just leave alone.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #2

2. Be funny. If you show your light-hearted side for a few seconds, that often is enough to make a girl smile. It accomplishes several things. It allows her to get a glimpse of your vulnerable side. It shows that even though you may be projecting an aura of super alpha male, it shows you are sensitive and approachable. It makes you less intimidating and easier to relate to. It also shows you have a fun side to you. There is almost nothing bad about being funny.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #3
3. If you want to make a girl smile, it often helps to know something entertaining, such as a simple magic trick or engaging story. You only need to know one. Practice it and perfect it on everyone you know. Then when you meet a woman, try it out on her. If you have seen that it makes everyone else you’ve tried it on smile, but doesn’t make her crack a smile, too, that might be a way to weed out someone who just won’t be a good fit for you.

What To Do To Make A Girl Smile Tip #4
4. Making a girl smile often is a result of some well-honed, gentle teasing. Teasing is one of the most important skills a single guy can learn. There is a fine line between mean-spirited teasing and teasing that builds attraction. Take some time right now to learn the difference.

When you tease and flirt, you are accomplishing several important goals at once in the dating arena. You are showing that you are confident. You are letting her know that you don’t place her on a pedestal like other men might do. You are showing that you have a good sense of humor and can poke fun, not only at her, but also at yourself.
It also shows you have a good outlook on life and can see the humor in situations.

In closing, the ability to make a girl smile is going to give you an edge on every other man out there who is striving to capture her attention.

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