Secrets to Meeting Girls on Facebook

In addition to meeting girls in real life at places like bars and supermarkets, you can also meet girls on Facebook. A skilled pickup artist knows the difference between being witty and being creepy. He also knows how to escalate a rapport online. Read on for tips on how to meet girls on Facebook.

The Perfect Profile

Before you meet girls on Facebook, you need to make sure that your profile showcases your best qualities. Post a variety of flattering pictures of yourself: photos where you are having a fun time, serious, in a group, alone, close up and at a distance. Make sure that you are not wearing the same shirt in half the pictures.

Post pictures of varied environments: you at the beach, with people at a party, at home with your dog, etc. Why should you spend so much time on the photos? When girls look at a profile, the first things they do is look through your pictures.

They will size you up quickly and many of them will not even read your profile. Post pictures of you in group shots and tag every woman you know. Then these ladies will comment on the pictures and, eventually, women that you do not know will comment on them as well. You also want to keep any wording on your profile short and to the point. Nobody wants to feel like they are reading a novel. Do not be negative in your status updates or comments; make sure your profile stays positive and funny. Finally, you need social proof that you are awesome. Post pictures of you with other women.

Make sure that you have a lot of attractive women on your friends list, too. There is no need to go overboard and send out a bunch of friends requests to friends of friends. As you build rapport with women in real life, ask if you can add them to your friends list on Facebook. This social proof will make you desirable to women in whom you may be interested later. If you poked a woman and you had five Facebook friends, it could come across as desperate and creepy. Finally, stay active on Facebook. What girl is going to respond to a poke from a guy whose last status update was from 2008? Your profile is a marketing tool.

Girls Photo On FacebookConnecting for the First Time

There are a couple of ways that you can connect with a woman over Facebook. Many girls keep their profile settings private so your options may be limited. The first option is to poke her. Ideally, she will then check out your perfect profile. When she pokes you back, send her a flirty private message. Say, “Did you just poke my armpit? That tickled!” A quick joke should open up the conversation. It seems silly but this could lead to a genuine rapport with her. The other option is to send her a private message not unlike an opener some examples here. Read her profile first. Perhaps there is a band that you both like that you can incorporate into that first message. You can say, “You don’t seem like you would like Dispatch. What do you know about them?” Alternatively, you can tease her by saying, “It looks like you might have a Facebook addiction.” Above all else, keep it interesting. A boring private message would be, “Hey, I like Dispatch too. Did you see them on tour this month?” After a couple of short exchanges, ask for her phone number.

Organizing Gatherings

By now, maybe you have a few exchanges in progress. It is time to send out invites for events that you are hosting or attending. Obviously, you will invite girls in whom you are interested. You can also post a status update about which club you are going to that night and ask who wants to go. As an alternative, post a status asking what everyone’s plans are for the evening. When a woman responds, send her a private message to iron out the details. With the right profile and some planning, you can meet girls on Facebook on a regular basis.

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