What Is Keeping You From Meeting Women?

Most guys are only one or two small things away from finding the woman of their dreams.  They wrongly think they need to revamp their whole life to finally meet the right type of girl.

But the reality of it is, it’s usually just making some small changes to themselves and their habits that will make all the difference.  When you break it down like this, the problem becomes much less intimidating.  So instead of thinking of this as this large problem that is going to take months and months of work to resolve – instead start thinking of it as making baby steps.

Let’s start with the easiest thing first.

Start off by being friendly to everyone not just hot girls.  Sounds easy right?  Well it is.  All you need to do is for the next two weeks – go out of your way to be polite, friendly and smile to everyone you encounter.

One of the big secrets of any habit (both good and bad) is habits can be made or broken in about two weeks.  So if you make a conscious effort to be nice to everyone you encounter for the next two weeks, you will soon find that that is part of your personality.

Women find friendly men incredibly attractive.  I mean who wants to be with a guy who is grouchy or mean, or just in general a jerk?  Not many.

So start with that.  It’s easy, takes no extra effort and will reward you with many more opportunities to be found attractive by girls.  I have many other things to share, but for this one post, I am going to focus on this one tip.

A good way to make sure you are doing this is to keep track of how many people you make smile or laugh on an average day.  I bet if you are like most people, the number is VERY low.  Most people just don’t go out of their way to engage and bring love and value to people they meet.  They almost treat strangers as if they are not even people… I mean you will never see them again.

And guess what, if you have the attitude that everyone you encounter is a stranger that you will never encounter again, then that is exactly what will happen.  But on the other hand, if you begin to treat everyone with curiosity and show a genuine interest in them and how they are doing, there is a good chance you will run into them again and they will remember you.

Not everyone agrees with me, as you can see in this counterpoint here: Why don’t women like ‘nice guys’?

And, many times they will have other friends around them, some of them may even be attractive women who they will introduce you to.

Think of all the potential people you could have met, just be being friendly to strangers.  It is staggering what an opportunity you have been passing up.

And another key to this concept is that you can’t just turn on your friendliness and charm when you do happen to run into an attractive girl.

You just won’t be as charming, or as friendly as if you have been like that all along with everyone.  It is just human nature to keep the social momentum that you have been displaying all day.

And the best part about being friendly to everyone, and not just hot girls, is that this one change will actually make you happier in general.

Give it a try for two weeks.  Be friendly to everyone… and see what other changes happen naturally in your social life.

Check back for more posts on how to become more social, charming and attractive to women.

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