What Women Find Attractive In Men

Men are justifiably confused when it comes to figuring out what women want in a man. Magazines, television commercials, the availability of gyms and men’s styling salons all are geared toward what other people think make men attractive to women. After all, that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? The battle of the sexes is long over with the result that men are back to wondering what women find attractive in men as well as women doing all they can to be attractive to those men. So many myths and misconceptions abound on this subject that it’s no wonder confusion reigns. Let’s examine a few of the common myths on what women find attractive.

Myth: Women Want Mr. Universe

To begin with the physical aspect of what women want, most men are led to believe that women seek men with more muscle than brain. A small clue is needed here – no woman wants to be crushed by all those muscles. Women need to be held to a man’s heart and made to feel safe, secure and loved. Good health is a must for any human body, but what women find attractive in men is knowing when to hold them and keep silent, allowing the heart to speak and comfort her.

Myth: Women Want Brad Pitt

Another aspect of the physical side of attraction is looks. Too many persons in the acting biz, both men and women, trade on those looks when they need acting lessons. Good looks are a plus, yes, but using to best advantage what men have is what women find attractive in men. Not all of us are drop-dead gorgeous, but the people who are deservedly the most popular are those who can allow their inmost beauty to shine through, which enhances their looks. What women want is to see what a man truly is on the inside, and, trust me, she’ll see it instantly.

Myth: Size Matters

The last aspect of the physical side of attraction before we get into the inner workings of the subject is, of course, reproduction. It is, after all, the purpose of life according to the holy texts. What women find attractive is a man’s ability to listen closely to her to discover what she likes and then move to surprise her with his intensity. Women aren’t that difficult to figure out when it’s a matter of physical stimulation. Mental and emotional stimulation enter the picture, so when a man can figure out, by listening carefully to her, what a woman wants, then those aspects of the subject can lead to mind-blowing love. Believe that she will reciprocate and you’ll understand why size doesn’t matter.

Myth: Women Want Sensitive

Well, who wouldn’t, if the alternative was the caveman? Sensitive doesn’t so much matter to a woman as long as the guy is receptive. What that means is pay a little attention to what she’s about and don’t think so blatantly about who’s winning the Stanley Cup or the World Series or the Super Bowl. It’s the blatantly part she objects to when she needs to talk about something that matters to her. She can tell, too, when he’s faking it when he says something about a snake in the toilet, so pay attention guys.

Myth: Women Want Successful Men

Women can pay the rent and the bills themselves but they need to know a man can hold his own and not drag her down with his excesses. What women want is men who can do their work then come home to her with intelligent conversation, a little humor, views on many subjects instead of a shrug and an I dunno, as well as some adventurous nature. Intelligent men are attractive to women because they engage the mind as well as the heart, not to mention they’re sexy. Read more about how to be a confident man here.

What women find attractive in men all boils down to a man being himself. Allowing the intelligence, gentleness, sense of humor and adventure, what a man truly is down inside to shine through the twinkle in his eyes and the width of his smile is what women want. Forget the myths and be yourself in all your human glory and you will find the secret to your attractiveness to women.

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